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Death Battle Idea!
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
This idea came to me a while ago but then I lost it and now it's back!
Asami Sato                                                                                 
Black Widow
Alright a death battle! With two beautiful and deadly women. Please comment on who you think will win this DEATH BATTLE! (Also I'm new at this okay. I'm still working on Death Battle Stuff)
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Protectors Chapter 6- Really?
Disclaimer : You pretty much know what I own and what I don't own.
"What we have to go talk to the PRESS! I haven't washed my hair or my body at all!" Danielle screamed.
"I probably look awful!" Danielle continued to freak out.
"Danielle your wearing a helmet that covers your face and hair. Also you don't smell." Sheila said to her sister.
"Well still..." Danielle said back to her sister.
"Why did you guys tell her that I'm the leader of this?" Skaar asked everyone ignoring Danielle and Sheila.
"Dude like we said before you have more experience of doing this." Carnage replied.
"Okay so who wants to talk to the reporters?" Skaar asked the group. He expected everyone to be silent. Almost everyone was. Almost.
"I'LL DO IT!" Witchita screamed.
"Sis are you sure you want to go out there?" Danielle asked her sister.
"Hell yeah! Besides you want to talk to a bunch of reporters?"
"Nope." Everyone said in unison.
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Driving Lessons For Dinzydragon
Warning: I own nothing.
"Father why are you stopping the car?" Collin Buchanan-Wayne asked his father.
"Collin one day your going to have your own car and you need to learn how to drive." Batman stated.
"So what your saying is that-"
"Your going to learn how to drive the Batmobile."
"YES!" Collin screamed in joy.
This can't be too hard. After all he's Winter Soldier's and my son. This should be natural to him. Batman thought.
10 minutes later
"Collin! Trash CANS!" Batman screamed as his son hit a pile of garbage cans.
"Sorry! Sorry!" Collin yelled.
This was not a good first driving lesson. So far Collin has gone in and out of ditches, was going to fast, slamming on the brakes either too soon or too late, and pushing too hard on accelerate.
"Okay enough. Collin I'm sorry but your not ready yet for the road. Next time we'll hit an empty parking lot. So that way you'll be able to get the feel of the car better. Okay?" Batman asked his clone/son.
"That sounds pretty good." he
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Protectors- Chapter 5 - Known
Warning I: Okay if you have been following along you should probably know what I own and what I don't own. Please enjoy this story.
Our newly formed Protectors have finally broke out of the alien ship and saved a whole bunch of kids! Though on the downside the Aliens have taken most of Earth's heroes captured and Graviton had escaped from his prison. Though on the bright side Skaar and Lyra discovered some new abilities. Now will the fight Graviton and be known to the world as it's new Protectors or will they fall?
"Seriously what the hell is that?" Sheila aka Witchita asked her new found friends again.
"Graviton." Lyra stated.
"What?" Sheila asked.
"Graviton. A super-villain with the power to control gravity. Our father fought him. Let's just say he gave our father quite the challenge." Lyra simply said to everyone.
"So wait a minute. This dude can go toe-to-toe with your dad, the Hulk?!" Walter shouted in pure shock.
"Pretty much." Lyra told him.
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Protectors Chapter Four- We Must Stand Together
Warning: I don't own any Marvel reference. I am making no money off of this.
Previously the newly formed Protectors they've just broken out some kids and saved them from experimentation. Now they're planning to rescue the heroes who have been capture.
"So how are we going to save the people who save the world on a weekly basis?" Danielle asked as she was walking to the holding cells with her sister and a bunch of strangers she just met.
I can't believe Sheila agreed to this. Thought I can understand why. Everything with mom and dad I would actually be surprise if she said no. Danielle thought of as she continued.
"Uh." Skaar began but lost words.
"Wait you don't have a plan?!" Danielle screamed at him.
"Well I'm trying to think of one!" Skaar screamed back.
"Think of one! We need one. RIGHT NOW!"
"I'm trying to think of something!"
"Trying? TRYING! If you don't come up with something quick we're all going to die! I don't know about you but I want to live. If y
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Protectors Chapter 3- Team Formed Part 2
Warning: Basically all the stuff I've said previously that I don't own any Marvel character/reference.
Sheila and Danielle led a breakout which freed Skaar, Lyra, Walter, Samuel and Eric. With knowledge of other captives and of their abilities. Now their ready to lead another breakout.

"Thanks Eric." Sheila stated as she was in the safety of the air vent.
Once everyone in their group was in the vent Lyra place the cover on the hole. Before meeting up with Skaar and the others.
"So Skaar what's the plan?" Sam asked.
"Why are you asking me?" Skaar ask in complete confusion. All of his life Skaar never made up a plan, he made suggestions but never a full plan that everyone had to follow. That was the others who made the plan, he just followed.
"Dude you've work with a team before. I thought maybe you might of thought of a plan." Sam responded.
"He has a point." Eric pointed out.
"I've never been on a team that involved saving people and kicking alien butt." Walte
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Protectors Chapter 2- Team Form Part 1
Warning I own nothing but a few OC's. The rest belong to MARVEL. Also the Aliens are mine.
When we last saw our heroes last. Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H except Skaar were trapped with other heroes of Earth on a strange alien ship. Meanwhile Skaar met his half sister Lyra both who were capture and now are being experimented on by their alien captors. What will our heroes do?
Lyra had to deal with a lot of pain in her life. After all she was the strongest woman in the 23rd century. Though this makes all the physical pain in her life seem like getting a band-aid ripped off. She had to remain calm.
Remember control your emotions.
Don't give into anger.
Anger is weakness, calm strengths you. Save Skaar and the others.
She needed to get them out of here. Also punch these guys in the face for doing whatever this to her.
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Protectors Chapter 1
Warning: I do not own any Marvel reference in this fanfiction. I only own my OC's. Also minor swearing rated for ages 10 and up. Please comment.
Chapter one: What just Happen?
Outside Vista Verde
A crash is heard outside the small town where Hulk was born. The devastating landing was created by a tall green skin woman but was not the She-Hulk but was indeed a hulk. The young woman stood around six to seven feet tall, had long red hair and her bangs were held back by a golden headband made of metal, and was wearing black boots that had red cloth wrapped around the calf muscle, red and yellow pants with a golden belt and her top part was covered by a tube top with one long red sleeve that covered her left arm meanwhile her right arm had bracelets and other arm wear on it.
Her name is Lyra and she is on a mission to find her family well her dad's side of the family. She grew up in the 23rd Century where men and women are at war. Her mother wanted a daughter to be the strongest one
:icon1999marvelteen:1999MarvelTeen 2 1
OC Changling for the Protectors
Code name: Changling
Gender: Female
Secret I.D: Shyla Boyd
Height: 5'1
Appearance: Petite, Blue eyes and dark brown hair/fur. Hair goes down to waist and goes down like a mane. Claws on hands and feet oh and of course fangs
Abilities/Powers: Shape-Shifting, martial arts, sensitive senses
History: Shyla was a small kid growing up in a small town. When puberty came her hair, fur and claws came in. Taskmaster saw potential in her so he kidnapped her family and threaten to hurt them if she didn't do what he'd say. So she went under radar from him and SHIELD. When SHIELD and the superheroes went missing Skaar and his long lost half-sister Lyra came into the picture. Both of them heard news stories about a beast girl changing and they wanted her to join the Protectors. Once they heard her story together they stopped Taskmaster, saved Shyla's family and got to join the Protectors.
Personality: She tries to be positive when times are tough. She is nice friendly and all around "good girl". Thou
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Legacy Avengers EMH Ch.1
Disclaimer: I don't own Avengers EMH just my OC.
My O.C P.O.V
Sometimes I wonder why I'm not like other kids. Why can't I be like them. When usually that happens I get a bullet to my head or a missile to the gut. I know why I was created. You see most people are born when their parents love each other but mine don't. The most I think of feelings the have towards one another is teammates or at the absolute most friends.
Also most kids take years to develop, me on the other hand. I was force grew into a body of a 15 year old girl in only a few weeks. Yeah you heard me I'm not even a year old and I have the physical age of a 15 year old. Also my parents aren't like others my mother is a woman who got exposed to Kree energy and became a Kree-Human hybrid and her name is Carol Danvers but her more popular name to the world is Ms. Marvel. Now my father is a man who took a gamma bomb for a kid named Rick Jones and became my other dad the unstoppable titan known as the Hulk.

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Hulk and the Agents of SMASH Ch.1 Offered
"Shelby. Fury has offered you a spot on his team of heroes and your own room on the Tri-Carrier. Most people in this position would have accepted it. Why not you?" calmly asked a man with long green hair that was tied up into a pony tale, blue eye sand was wearing a red shirt with a gold lightning bolt in the front, black pants and yellow boots and was known as Doc Samson.
"Because it's not me!" screamed a young teen girl who had brown hair which hanged in front of her face, blue eyes that had glasses in front of them. She was wearing baggy jeans and a baggy white T-shirt with sneakers. Though what most people saw were gauntlets. Gauntlets that took up at least half of her size and they were green with what appeared to be yellow/orange buttons.
Samson read her file. Shelby Elizabeth Boyd, age 15, height 5'1. Shelby lost her father when she was 4. Her mother and the rest of her side of the family died when Shelby was 5. When she was 8 years old she joined a gang and became a street figh
:icon1999marvelteen:1999MarvelTeen 6 3


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I've seen several of art of when they were alive but not this. I've never seen anything like this. It also captures the real emotion th...

Amazing work. I really like this. It looks like you put a lot of time and effort in this. I hope you like how I judge you. I have seen ...



Well let's do this New Year stuff. Here is my resolution-
1) Update my story.
2) Try and make more stories
3) See what I can improve upon
4) Try and make a drawing that doesn't look like a toddler drew it
5) Make more friendly, helpful and encouraging comments.

Now I also look back on the year of 2014 here is what I look back on Deviantart
1) I got to double digit watchers on my first year! (I think I have 13)!
2) I got several replies from my comments.
3) I finally got to show some people what I do. You know like writing and stuff.
4) I saw mind blowing artwork
5) People have awesome minds and can do awesome work.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015!



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I love cartoons and comics especially Marvel.<3


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